STEP Lab takes advantage of its specialization in the development of electrodynamic axes by realizing a new series of machines for very high dynamic applications (e.g. shock absorbers for cars and motorcycles). This new range of machines, all based on linear motors, is divided into two families: HUD and XUD. The first one is also suitable for endurance tests thanks to the high continuous dynamic forces, the second one dedicated to short duration tests with the achievement of higher accelerations.
These machines enjoy, as per our tradition, the advantages inherent in electric machines.

No maintenance

High performance

High efficiency

Wide range of use

Quick and easy installation

Linear motor-based axis for material and product testing. Suitable for testing in force and position control.

  • UD actuators are ideal for fatigue testing up to 2 m/s and 10g
  • HUD/HUDL actuators ideal for dynamic tests up to 6 m/s and 45g
  • XUD actuators are ideal for dynamic testing up to 6 m/s and 90g

Areas of application:

  • Testing of materials, products, and assembly processes
  • Cyclic (fatigue), static, and high-speed tensile and compression testing


  • Closed-loop force and displacement control via Test Center controller
  • High-resolution data acquisition in 24bit
  • Can be installed on any type of structure
  • Up to 8 axes controlled and synchronized
  • Control station in a separate and independent position
  • Simple and flexible test management via Test Center graphic interface
  • Wide variety of grips, dedicated test accessories, and load cells
  • Integration with extensometers and climatic chambers
  • Wide operating range, manageable speeds from 0.01mm/s up to 2,000mm/s and 100mm high stroke