Torque transducers

Our biaxial testing systems apply simultaneous axial and torsional loads and displacements to a wide range of specimens.

Torsional testing systems

The best solution for STATIC and FATIGUE torsion testing. TM TorsionMachine systems are available in a wide range of loads, with torque capacities up to 700 Nm.


STEP Lab specializes in the manufacture of electrically driven mechanical testing machines for static and dynamic tests. All systems are based on an electronic platform and Test Centre software developed by us.


We are a group of specialists who understand the specific needs of universities and research institutes. We are always here to support you with technical expertise and creativity, from the design of your laboratory, and with our standard components, we create a flexible modular system for use in both the simplest machines and the most complex research testing systems.

Impact test systems

Our impact towers are a system for performing single and multiple axial drop tests on products and specimens with impact energies from 0.2 to 2000 J


Step Lab offers calibrations of the highest quality, offering a wide range of calibration services both in the factory and on-site. Maintaining data accuracy, integrity and traceability even remotely thanks to our digital rapid interface system.