Ski boots and footwear testing machines

General description

Boot Testing Machine is electromechanical testing machines developed to fulfill the testing requirements of ski boot producer.

The powerfull brushless motor guarantees both high forces and velocity on the boot.

The Test Center platform, integrated in the machine, permits to have easy test management and data elaboration. The interface offers a real-time data acquisition with easy comparison of load cycles.

The Boot Testing Machine is also equipped with the rebound device. This subsystem has the function to evaluate the elastic performance of the ski boots.


  • Possibility to simulate real ski conditions


  • Real-time closed loop control
  • Maximum torque 1600 Nm
  • Maximum rotational speed 180°/s
  • Integrated climatic chamber up to -40°C
  • Load cell and rotational displacement acquired at 1 kHz
  • Automatic identification of ski boot breakage
  • Automatic identification of ski boot natural angle

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