New EA series


Our testing software is straightforward and flexible, user-friendly and effective, accurate and cost-effective, intelligent and reliable–in two words: the perfect solution. If you perform tests according to existing standards you can create test programs or export test data to a database.

New EA series

Static and dynamic test management

TestCenter è il software di gestione dell’intera gamma di macchine da test da noi sviluppata e rappresenta un’unica soluzione integrata e flessibile per avere accesso alla configurazione e alla gestione delle prove.

With TestCenter, it is potest of characterization of materials and/or products to validate mechanical performance, tests on components for quality or prescribed by standards, static structural sizing tests to support design, and fatigue life tests to establish the useful life cycle of products.

Tutti ciò è reso più agevole dall’interfaccia utente unificata.