STEP Lab service

STEP Lab specializes in the manufacture of electrically driven mechanical testing machines for static and dynamic tests.
All systems are based on an electronic platform and Test Centre software developed by us.

STEP Lab offers a complete range of solutions for the mechanical testing of products and materials. STEP Lab’s technical expertise in the field of data acquisition and high-performance testing is at the customer’s disposal to meet custom test requirements as well.

The Test Center software allows the supervision of all STEP Lab machines, managing both static and dynamic tests in a single package. This allows the user to always work in the same user-friendly environment, and to customize it according to their needs.


  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Modulo di flessione e resistenza
  • Tensile modulus, ultimate tensile strength, and elongation at break
  • Tensile breaking load
  • Tension, strain at break, and modulus in 3-point bending test
  • Tensile creep
  • Compression creep
  • Bending creep
  • Creep tests at constant strain and constant load


  • High-speed traction on the conventional machine (speed of 333 mm/s)
  • Very high strain rate load curves (speeds up to 5 m/s)
  • Fatigue testing under load or deformation control
  • Fatigue testing in strain control


  • Drilling tests on plastic materials (instrumented and uninstrumented)
  • Drop tower impact test (uninstrumented)
  • Charpy Impact Test
  • Instrumented Charpy Impact Test


Step Lab, thanks to its mechanical and software expertise, can develop tests dedicated to a customer’s specific needs. Requests may result in a contract service or the development of a dedicated test system.