STEP Lab presents the new EA series of electromechanical actuators, the result of 10 years of experience in the global market and technological challenges in dynamic applications.
The EA series is designed to meet the needs of dynamic applications even in cyclic applications with a high number of cycles and short strokes.
They are specifically developed for applications in the testing and industrial fields and in general in all those applications where performance with high reliability and precision are required.
The high performance of the measurement and control systems adopted allows the machine to be certified according to ISO 7500-1, ISO 4965, and ASTM E467 standards.


High reliability

No maintenance

High efficiency

Wide range of use

Simple installation


  • No maintenance

  • High performance

  • High efficiency

  • Wide range of use

  • Quick and easy installation

Universal mechanical testing machines
New EA series
EA SERIESUnits EA05EA050EA100EA200
Max. Dynamic Force [kN] [lbf] 5.5 – 1236.450.0 – 11240.4 100.0 – 22480.9200.0 – 44961.8
Max. Static Force[kN] [lbf] 14.8 – 3327.149.9 – 11217.9139.0 – 31248.4268.5 – 60383.6
Standard Stroke[mm] [in] 250 – 9.8200 – 7.8200 – 7.8200 – 7.8
Length[mm] [in] 653 – 25.71100 – 43.31320 – 43.31500 – 59.0
Width[mm] [in] 115 – 4.5185 – 7.3280 – 11.0425 – 16.7
Depth[mm] [in] 240 – 9.4370 – 14.5600 – 23.6940 – 37.0
Length with piston[mm] [in] 737 – 29.01250 – 49.21554 – 61,11745 – 68.7
Ambient Temp.[°C]5 – 305 – 305 – 305 – 30

Compared to its main competitors, the EA series comes with unique intrinsic features:

  • Precision-centered connection and preload pin.
  • Hardened and corrosion-free stem.
  • Stem guidance based on recirculating ball systems.
  • Liquid/air-cooled recirculating screw systems.
  • Anti-rotation system based on recirculating ball guides to withstand both lateral and torsional loads.
  • Special screws dedicated to long-life cyclic applications.
  • Special bearings are dedicated to long-life cyclic applications.
  • Lubrication point using special greases for long maintenance intervals.
  • Special belts to eliminate backlash and hysteresis effects.
  • Rear anchorage points for flexibility of application.
  • Special system for precise and repeatable belt positioning and belt side load support.
    High dynamic motors with absolute encoder and electromagnetic safety brake.
  • Material Testing Laboratories – used in conjunction with our standard facilities, controller, and Test Center software to create highly reliable and flexible test machines perfect for testing all types of materials for static and dynamic characterization.
  • Product testing laboratories for quality certification – used together with the controller and Test Center software, they can be mounted alone or together with other actuators on structures built by STEP Lab or directly by the customer to carry out tests, even complex, on products.
  • In the production line – for planting or quality control, the actuators’ combination of sophisticated control, dedicated quality control software, and high-precision mechanical components make them perfect for repeated testing over large numbers of cycles, even in 24-hour applications.