Mechanical testing of springs


Among the most important and widely used mechanical components are springs, in which the elastic properties of materials are exploited for energy storage and conversion. No mechanical or mechatronic system can function without springs, regardless of their design.

Intrinsic to the behavior of springs, and especially to their use, is the ability to be able to withstand continuous elastic deformations, which momentarily change their design dimension when applied;

Springs must also be able to absorb large amounts of elastic energy, which must be released when the external force ceases to be applied.

Mechanical testing of springs


    Mechanical testing of springs

    Rapid technical progress has led to a significant increase in the demands on the precision and fatigue strength of springs. As a result, the need for ever more accurate production with ever-tighter dimensional, shape, and position tolerances has increased. The requirements for testing technology are also increasing.

    • The test system ensures a high level of accuracy and repeatability for testing springs with very tight tolerances
    • Force is applied in the central axis of the test area
    • Load cell and frame deformation are compensated by the correction curve during testing in the TestCenter.
    • Unique test management software
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