New EA series


Increasingly, industries are turning to universities to conduct research, in this way they can make the best use of their relatively expensive infrastructure and bridge the gap between practice and theory. In addition, every year we give young people the opportunity to come and work with us to help them produce research theses.

Universities that have relied on our experience

We are a group of specialists who understand the specific needs of universities and research institutes. We are always here to support you with technical expertise and creativity, from the design of your laboratory, and with our standard components we create a flexible modular system for use in both the simplest machines and the most complex research test systems.

The basis of our expertise in academic solutions lies in the combination of state-of-the-art hardware solutions with the flexibility and power of our software, supported by the virtual teaching programme, specially designed for academic education. Our solutions emphasise the enormous importance of universities in both education and research.

Dynamic and Fatigue test systems
Climatic chambers
Static testing machines
Custom testing machines
Drop towers
Axial torsion systems


New EA series
  • Single test management software
  • Designed to act together or alone.
  • A team of experts always on hand
  • Customised design according to your needs
  • Customised design according to your needs
  • We are the first carbon-neutral company