STEP Lab products

STEP Lab specializes in the manufacture of electrically driven mechanical testing machines for static and dynamic tests. All systems are based on an electronic platform and Test Centre software developed by us.

Static test systems
Dynamic test systems
Suspension test systems
Drop Towers
High-speed deformation systems
Shoe Testing Systems
Custom systems
Robot-based testing systems
Climate cells

Test subsystems

We also manufacture and sell the individual components of electrical machines for mechanical testing, such as actuators, frames, grippers, and more. Browse the catalog and find the right part for you.

Electromechanical actuators
Electrodynamic actuators
Measurement and control electronics
Software Test Center

We are the experts in electrical systems for mechanical testing, offering a complete range of solutions for mechanical testing of products and materials. STEP Lab’s technical expertise in the field of data acquisition and high-performance controls is available to meet custom test requirements as well.

The Test Centre software allows the supervision of all STEP Lab machines, managing both static and dynamic tests in a single package. This allows the user to always work in the same user-friendly environment, and to customize it according to their needs.