New EA series


The automotive industry is strongly committed to ensuring that its products are safe, profitable, environmentally friendly, and attractive to its customers. Common challenges associated with these goals include achieving an acceptable time-to-market, finding ways to reduce costs while improving performance, and the need to validate new materials that, more often than not, have never been used in automotive applications.

New EA series

Evaluate the suspension components to ensure that the design objectives are met.

For the characterization of the various metals used in the structures

Test the duration and number of joint openings, even in the event of an accident

For real-life characterisation and tread wear simulations

Define the lifetime of the steering components and subsystem.

To meet the increasing demands on passenger protection.


New EA series

We have been manufacturing mechanical test systems for the automotive industry for 10 years to meet the growing demands for passenger protection, lightweight construction, and functionality of major components in both metal and composite materia

  • Unique test management software
  • Designed to work together or alone.
  • A team of experts is always at your disposal
  • Customized design according to your needs
  • Products that are easy to assemble and maintain
  • We are the first CO2-neutral company