Step Lab


    • 2007

      Step Engineering was born

    • 2008

      Mold Flow Software, Tension Machine and Rheometer

    • 2009

      Abaqus structural software

    • 2010

      PLC and motion programming

    • 2011

      Step Lab was born

    • 2012

      Electromechanical fatigue machine

    • 2013

      High-performance linear axis range development

    • 2014

      Drop tower development for impact testing
      Multiaxial fatigue machine development

    • 2015

      Developed rotational machine for testing ski boots.
      Evolved impact phase acquisition algorithms on drop tower.
      Implemented new control electronics on field bus.

    • 2016

      Multi-axis system developed for handling up to four axes

    • 2017

      Developed climatic cell from -40°C to + 180°C as an accessory for test machines.
      Under development:
      Small axis for fatigue loads up to 2.5 kN and static loads up to 5 kN
      Very high dynamic machine for frequencies above 100Hz

    • 2019

      Double the production space

    • 2021

      Double the production

    About Us

    STEP Lab was founded in 2011 as a manufacturer of mechanical testing machines. Today, STEP-Lab is a company that manufactures and sells static, dynamic and impact mechanical testing systems.

    We supply a wide range of both catalogue and customised products to meet customer requirements.
    All our machines are based on electrical actuation and are operated by the same Test Centre controller and interface software, which is the result of constant implementation and optimisation work.

    At the heart of the company is a team of engineers who develop the mechanical, electronic and software parts of the test systems.
    The company has grown rapidly and is now a supplier to major companies and laboratories.


    To be technology leaders in the development of testing systems for materials and products.

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